Chasing / Repoussé

Chasing / Repoussé



For people with knowledge of jewellery techniques with the aim of increasing his/her skills.


Chasing is an adornment technique by excellence in all silversmithing work, and even that it is complementary to others is an art by itself. Is a totally manual technique that permits to obtain texts and figures in low relief over a sheet of metal by tapping a chisel with a hammer.

Chasing is the opposite of repoussé, and the two are used in conjunction to create a finished piece. While repoussé is used to work on the reverse of the metal to form a raised design on the front, chasing is used to refine the design on the front of the work by sinking the metal.

Chasing and repousse are two antique techniques that had their maximum expression during the renaissance, it was practiced previously by the Egyptians, arabs, greeks and romans.


In this course you will learn the technique to be able to construct objects and jewels in diverse metals like copper, brass, silver and gold.


Preparation and construction of chasing tools. Composition and preparation of the pitch and its correct colocation. Preparation of the correct support for each chisel technique. Practical methods to create textures, engraving, embossing and flats.

Preparation of the drawing on the metal sheet. Using the chasing hammer over a sheet of metal or object and its behaviour.


  • Professor :
    Jaime Díaz

  • Duration :
    Intensive course of 48 hours.

  • Schedules :
    You can start in any moment of the year from october to  July.

    Limited places, you need to check for availability!

  • Price :


    *material not included

  • How to pay :
    100% in the inscription process.

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