For people with knowledge of jewellery techniques with the aim of increasing his/her skills.


Forging is one of the oldest methods with which man has worked the metal.

You can control the form and the lengthening of the metal hitting with different hammers over various anvils. In this way you can make works of great format and also delicate details.


Give a wide knowledge of the forging process applied to jewellery so that the students can be capable of express an idea or concept.

Learn a way to create volumes and forms using the technique, and at the same time explore the possibilities that it offers to get textures, various metal thicknesses and resistance of the forged pieces.


Transformation of the internal structure of the noble metals: cool down, tempered, anneal. Processes applied to forging: sharpen, stretch, laminate, upset forging, twist, roll, press and impression.

Knowledge and fabrication of tools, anvils and hammers.


  • Professor : Jaime Díaz

  • Duration :
    Intensive course of 30 hours.

  • Schedules :

    You can start in any moment of the year from october to july. Personalized course.

    Limited places, you need to check for availability!

  • Price :

    320 €

    *material not included

  • How to pay :
    100% in the inscription process.

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