About us

About us



Jaime Díaz

Founder, director and professor

Jaime teaches the general jewellery making course. Putting special attention on the improvement of technique in the student. He draws from all his knowledge and sensitivity to guide the learning of the person to a complete individualized level.




Xavier Domenèch Frutos

Creative Process professor

Barcelona 1960. He studied jewelry in Escola Massana and Beaux Arts in University of Barcelona. Professor of the class of Projects in Escola Massana from 1989 to 2004. Solo and collective exhibitions in different cities of Europe, United States and Canada. Work in the el Scottish Museum d’Edimburg, in the Musueu für Kunst und Gewerbe d’Hamburg, in the Royal College of Londres, in the Museu del Disseny of Barcelona and in private collections.

Jordi Gutíerrez

Jeweller. Production and Orders in the Workshop, and Professor

Jordi studied in the Escuela de Arts i Oficis en la Escuela Industrial de Barcelona. He worked with different jewellers in Montevideo, Barcelona and Manchester, where he learned different techniques of directly modelling metal. The experience that he has acquired in this three cities has given him three different view points which he applies in the construction, reparation and restoration of his pieces.

Carles Codina


Mollet del Vallès, 1961. He is a professional of jewelry who combines the creative work in his workshop with teaching. He has been a professor of jewelry in the Escola Massana de Barcelona for 20 years. His work has an important international projection in different countries of Europe and America.

Olivia Barthe

Anticlastic professor

She studied Arts and Design in la Escuela Massana. Courses of specialization in the Taller Perill and in Alchimia: Contemporary Jewellery School in Italy. After her studies and after years as an apprentice with Jaime Díaz in el Taller, School of Jewellery in Barcelona, Olivia has found in the world of jewellery an infinite potential of expression. Her work is based in spontaneity and experimentation with the metal: a dance between her hands and her pieces, where her unconscious takes form in jewels of stunning beauty and unique personality.

Assumpta Bou

Granulation professor

Assumpta, ex-student of the school, is one of the few people that work with this technique in Barcelona. En 2009 Assumpta travelled to Rome, where she studied in the Academia de Arte Orafa de Salvatore Gerardi, guided by her great master and friend Antonio Antonelli. For two years she learned the foundation of classic jewellery and stone setting, thus giving her pieces the distinctness and necessary firmness for a good praxis. Completing this stage, she completed several courses under the supervision of maestro Giovanni Corvaja in the little town of Todi “Clasps and locks” and in Florence “Etruscan granulation”.

Roberto Botta


Monza (Milan, Italy)1971. He began his artistic path learning the art of jewellery and sculpture, in the Scuola Orafa di Davide di Paoli, en Milán. During his learning time in this institution his interest for different traditional techniques awoke, in which he soon showed great mastery. At the same time as managing his own artistic workshop in Milan, Roberto graduated in jewellery in the Scuola C.A.P.A.C, Milan. His personal style helps him make artistic collaborations with the world of design and fashion. He has worked with Monica Castiglioni, Natsuko Toyofuku, Alexander MacQueen, Grace Jones, Naomi Campbell, Fabio Cammarata, Fluon Art Laboratory, Mattia Frignani, Massimo Lunardon. And with artistic institutions like the Museum of Art Palazzo Incontro Roma and Museum Revoltella Trieste.