General Course of Jewelry , Sacador de Fuego

General Course of Jewelry , Sacador de Fuego



For people without any previous knowledge of jewellery, intermediate and professionals. Groups of maximum 8 people.


Civilization and perhaps humanity itself was born of fire, and it, of the rubbing of two pieces of wood. Lighting the fire symbolizes the creation par excellence.

The name “Sacador de Fuego” refers to a person that takes the pieces out of the fire. The Sacador de Fuego is a person who produces, develops and ends a jewel. It is a modeler, smelter, stone setter and goldsmith. He has a broad knowledge of the basic and related manufacturing jewelry techniques.

The course is an ongoing program, in which you will develop and produce different types of exercises. This course is recommended to gain a very comprehensive learning program where you can get a good technical foundation for the development of the art of jewelry. It is a fully customized course, you will be working in a common space, shared with other students and the teacher will guide your development individually.


To Learn the basic techniques of jewelry making and becoming initiated in techniques such as Microfusion, Wax Modeling, Silversmithing, Constructing Tools, Forging, Anticlastic, Chasing and Repousse , Engraving, Mokume Gane, Mokujama, Kum Boo, Technical Textiles in Metal.


Knowledge of the tools and their use, casting techniques, rolling techniques, cutting techniques, soldering techniques, construction of volumes with precision, surface finishing techniques, making joints, rivets and fasteners, development of a hollow ring, lace and invisible soldering, wax modeling, microfusion, chasing and repousse, metal forming, engraving, stone setting, textile techniques in metal and the plan and develop of a collection.


  • Professors :
    Jaime Díaz

  • Duration :

    10 months- 3 modules- 42 weeks

    2 classes per week  of 3 hours each (252 hours)

    9 hours of free practice a week  (378 hours )


  • Schedules :

    Group 1: Monday and Wednesday 9:15h a 12:15h
    Grupo 1A: Tuesday and Thursday 9:15h a 12:15h
    Grupo 2: Monday and Wednesday 12:30 h a 15.30 h                                                                                                                                                 Grupo 2A: Tuesday and Thursday 12:30 h a 15.30 h
    Grupo 3 : Tuesday and Thursday de 16:00h a 19:00 h

  • Price :
    2940 € (10 months)

    You can also register per single module (14 weeks) or make an intensive course.  Please contact us for more information, options and prices.

  • How to pay :
    Inscription 30% – 885€

    1st payment at the beginning of module 1- 685€

    2nd payment at the beginning of module 2- 685€

    3rd payment at the beginning of module 3- 685€

    NEXT STARTING DATES:  SEPTEMBER 17, 2018. / JANUARY 7, 2019 / APRIL 22, 2019.


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