Missionn and Objectives

Missionn and Objectives



Tradition and Innovation

El Taller School of Jewelry´s mission is to teach traditional jewelry techniques, so that the student, from knowledge and technical expertise, can develop innovative proposals to the panorama of contemporary culture.

Manual skill to be able to open the door of imagination

We make a special emphasis on technical training. Following an individual learning process, we lead the students to learn with their hands. The mastery of techniques, materials and different tools is essential to make jewelry creating an inner journey and a mean of pure expression.

Research and Experimentation

The best way to make a jewel is making it. Through trial and error, ideas crystallise. Through theoretical and technical research, experimentation with different materials and through the construction of tools, we teach people to design and develop any idea.

Artistic discipline

We encourage the meaning, the creative and the communicative value of the jewel. We are interested in the student obtaining a solid foundation of the concept of jewel, which will serve as analytical support to acquire their own criteria as a basis for the development of their own work.

The working process of a jewel leads to an introspective reflection, and to expressive and communicative aspects. At school we encourage individual student’s personality, their personal inclinations, intuition and subjectivity, since the aim is not to learn patterns and external models, but to externalise and model their own to be able to develop their own style and language.

Support Network

The workshop is a place where people from around the world converge. It is a meeting point of different cultures where a dialogue is established. Creating synergies and a place of belonging. The workshop becomes a family space always open to the exchange of experiences.