Anticlastic / Metal Forming

Anticlastic- Metal Forming



For people with knowledge of jewellery techniques with the aim of increasing his/her skills.


The term anticlastic makes reference to a metal forming technique with which you can create, relatively easy, tridimensional forms with opposite curves, from a metal sheet.

Of the relation between the technique, the metal, the tool, and the finished form, a dialogue emerges, of which you can explore the foundation of the metal´s behaviour, its resistance and its plasticity. Creating exceptionally strong forms that at the same time are flexible and light.


Learn the basic concepts of the technique, discover the plasticity and the resistance of a flat sheet of metal and experiment its metamorphosis in an elegant piece.


Basic operations of forms: raising, tube, spiculum
Knowledge and fabrication of tools, anvils and hammers.
Hammering patterns.


  • Professor :
    Jaime Díaz

  • Duration :
    Intensive course of 24 hours.

  • Schedules :
    You can start in any moment of the year from October to July. Personalized course

    Limited places, you need to check for availability!

  • Price :

    24 hours- 270€

    *material not included

  • How to pay :
    100% in the inscription process.

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