Online jewellery course for people with some experience on jewellery technique with the aim of increasing his/her skills.

  • Professor:
    Jaime Díaz

  • Duration:
    69 minutes

  • Access:
    You can view it as many times as you want for 3 months.

  • Language:
    Spanish with english subtitles




Mokujama is a jewellery technique created by Jaime Díaz, developed from the ancient Japanese technique: Mokume-Gane. It is basically a process of joining metals by pressure and temperature, generating in the metal a drawing similar to the grain of wood. Mokume-Gane translates as “wood grain in metal”.

Like Mokume-Gane, Mokujama is a metal mixing with out soldering technique. The difference is that in Mokujama metals are fused together only by temperature. Metals can be in shapes like spheres or any other profile, and the joining process is made very carefully to keep their shape. By this, you will be able to obtain a block or conglomerate with a defined pattern or drawing. From here, the metal is worked and cleaned to finally oxidize it and obtain the desired appearance and coloration.


Introduction to the course . Duration 3:46

Tools and materials needed. Duration: 4:39

Part 1: Preparation and fusion of the metals. Duration: 24:36

Part 2: Cleaning the fused material. Duration: 21:09

Part 3: Definitive apperance. Duration: 14:24


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